Born, Demetria Devonne Lovato, this young woman has amazing talent as a singer and actress. She was born on August 20, 1992, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has been acting since she was a young girl. Her first role was for Barney & Friends. In 2008, Lovato was cast by Disney in the hit Camp Rock. She was so popular; they cast her in her own show, Sonny with a Chance, the following year.

He debut album was also released in 2008, called Don’t Forget. The album did very well overall, with several of the songs becoming hits. The Jonas Brothers are credited with helping her to write several of the songs on that album. She can play both the piano and the guitar. Kelly Clarkson is her role model for music while Hilary Duff is her role model in the acting realm.
Growing up, Lovato didn’t care for meat much, and by the time she was a teenager, she was a vegetarian. She does eat some meat now due to the protein it offers her body. She admitted in 2010 that she had an eating disorder but works closely with dietary professionals now. She does allow herself some indulgences though – M&Ms and Rice Crispy Treats.

Lovato often speaks against bullying. She shares that school was very hard for her early on and she was picked on. When she started junior high, she begged her mom to allow her to do home schooling. She agreed because Demi was so miserable all the time at public school.

She isn’t the only one in the spotlight. Her mother is a former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Her sister is also an actress. Her primary role was on Desperate Housewives as one of the children of Eva Longoria’s character.

It hasn’t been all a fairy tale though for Demi Lovato. The young woman has been in rehab for alcohol abuse. She has also been receiving treatment for bipolar disorder. She believes her dependency on alcohol was a form of self medicating to treat her underlying mental health concern.

She is now an advocate for youth that may be experiencing similar issues. She has a tattoo on each wrist as a reminder to take it one day at a time – “stay” on the left and “strong” on the right. She once met Sir Paul McCarthy, but not under the best of circumstances. In 2012, she almost ran him over while trying to park in Los Angeles.