Emilia Clarke was born May 1st, 1987. She grew up in London along with her parents and younger brother. Her dad worked with the lighting in various theatres, and she loved to go with him to see what productions were taking place. After high school, she attended Drama Centre London, graduating in 2009.

She was part of two major plays during her time at the college. She was also able to land her first role in a commercial in 2009. Suddenly, she was getting offers for small movie roles, commercials, and magazines coming to her from all directions. Her mother, a business professional, was able to help her determine which to accept and those to pass on.

While Clarke hasn’t been in a band or released a single, she loves music. She can play several instruments including the guitar, flute, and piano. She does sing but says it can be very intimidating to do so in front of people she knows.

The role Clarke is best known for is Game of Thrones, an HBO exclusive. She was nominated for an Emmy for this role. Her blonde hair in this role is a wig that she absolutely loves. Her hair is actually brunette. She opted for the wig of long hair rather than coloring her own hair. Ironically, she wasn’t the first choice for this role she has done so well in. Tamzin Merchant was cast, and the reason for the change has never been disclosed.

If she could be in any show right now, it would be Girls. This is an HBO exclusive comedy/drama. She says she frequently drops hits to the producers she would love to be an extra in an episode but so far it hasn’t happened.

One of the features that is very different about Clarke is the design and shape of her eyebrows. She says they are natural, and her mother always told her not to pluck them. She continues to listen to this advice. It gives her a unique look that many think is very becoming of her and makes her appear more natural than many of the stars in Hollywood.

In 2013, Emilia Clarke took part in her first Broadway production, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She has also agreed to play Sarah Connor in the Terminator – Genesis which will be released in 2015. She was dating Seth McFarlane for about six months, but the two have parted ways without really disclosing publicly why.