Commercial detoxing while you are pregnant or menstruating is generally advised against by doctors and medical professionals. There are a lot of warnings given when a person is ‘normal’, but they can be even worse if you are pregnant or on your menstruation cycle. There is always the natural, and much healthier, type of detoxing that is recommended as an alternative but even these are not advised at these times.

When your menstruation begins, and throughout the week, your body is in a state of ‘natural detox’ as it gets rid of the tissue it doesn’t need. As this occurs the lining of the uterus breaks down and dissolves and moves slowly to outside your body. Depending on the woman, there can be several different ways that the body will react; cramps, dizziness, fatigue and so on.

If you choose to attempt a detox at this stage you will be trying to make your body rid itself of things it doesn’t need. In other words, to do what it’s already doing! Women who detox during menstruation can experience more intense cramping and pain, greater weakness and fatigue and other symptoms that they normally would not have.

The only detoxing that you should be doing during your menstruation cycle is the ‘natural’ type of detoxing and then only the nutritional aspect of it. There are several things that you can naturally consume that are beneficial and may even help reduce or even eliminate menstruation discomfort.

Some foods that can give your body the ‘fuel’ it needs for its natural detoxification are usually raw fruits and vegetables but there are some supplements that can help as well. Make sure you increase your consumption of high calcium foods like milk, yogurt and vegetables that have green leaves. Keep in mind that chamomile and peppermint teas are also a good choice that not only help to naturally detox your body but can reduce unpleasant menstruation symptoms.

Also, reducing your salt, sugar and caffeine intake during the week prior to your period can help prevent cramping. You may also want to take vitamin B-complex as well as Vitamin B6. If you use supplements be sure to only take the recommended dosage and DO NOT exceed more than 100mg of B6 per day. Remember, you can experience more adverse symptoms if you do detox whilst menstruating. So think very seriously about this please!

Source by Linda Saunders