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There will be yet one more chance for Facebook to try and win over the support for United States lawmakers in regards to their upcoming stablecoin, Libra. As reported last week, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg is set to testify before the US House of Representatives possibly in late October.

Visiting Capitol Hill, Sandberg will be following the efforts of the co-creator of Libra, David Marcus who met with lawmakers to shed more light the social network’s cryptocurrency efforts. This is a visit that comes at a time when Facebook has seen a strong resistance from US officials including President Donald Trump.

Now, Libra has faced A LOT of controversies since it was first announced back in June. despite the backlash, many in the crypto community are excited about what this token launch would mean for the world of finance.

Zuckerberg was allegedly taken to task over the Libra cryptocurrency project. Just like when David Marcus had to testify in front of Congress this month, some legislators suggested last week that they would provide their opposition in Libra in their meetings with him.

In being blatantly clear on the matter, the U.S. Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii expresse his views on the stablecoin, saying:

“I just don’t like the Libra idea.”

As can be seen below, earlier this month, Zuckerberg attended the Oval Office to meet Trump. Whether the two talked on Libra is unknown to date though.

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