Facebook’s Libra has contributed to high investor confidence in blockchain, suggest study – AMBCrypto

According to a study conducted by the QRC Group in Hong Kong, the blockchain industry has sprung back to form since last year, with high confidence levels from investors and the industry as a whole. The study suggests that this is mostly due to Facebook’s announcement of their proposed blockchain-based cryptocurrency, Libra, with North America, South America, and Europe showing the highest levels of confidence.

The report goes into details about how there are fewer institutional investors this year and the fact that the general stance of investors has moved from one of ‘extreme caution’ to ‘neutral,’ as Libra provides validation and credibility to blockchain in general. More aggressive investors are found in Singapore, North and South America, while Hong Kong investors tend to be more cautious, though they have more investors per capita than other regions.

The conducted survey comprised 30% of CEOs, 17% senior management, 14% mid-level management, 9% specialists or associates, 5% marketing & sales and 4% exclusive investors. Recorded responses came primarily from North America (28%), Europe and Russia (18%), the Middle East (9%), Asia (23%), South America (3%) and Africa (17%). CEOs looking for firms to advise and assist them with regards to STOs tend to look for technical expertise, experience, and connections to capital and investor networks.

The study also claims that blockchain investors from Hong Kong, Singapore and respondents from the Middle East think regulation is helping, while North Americans don’t think it is doing much to combat fraud in the industry.

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