If you live in today's world you are automatically accumulating toxins in your body. You can not feel them as a presence of foreign substances but you can feel their effects in your low energy levels and less than ideal wellness.

Toxic substances gather in the cells of our body and stay there in our blood, organs, tissue and brain cells. That cant 'be good. People have always been aware of the physical and psychological benefits of detoxification. In cultures of the past there were cleansing rituals involving sweating in steam rooms. Whether these ceremonies did much to cleanse individual bodies or not is open to question but they did help to focus people's attention of maintaining good health.

Your liver can be a home for many poisonous substances absorbed from our environment. Your liver filters your blood so that the bad stuff you do not need is removed from your bloodstream. But the theory behind detoxification is based on the idea that the liver and other organs responsible for cleansing your body can become overwhelmed with the level of toxins in our world.

Your colon is a cleansing organ that prevails our bodies from becoming clogged with toxins from the outside world. Many people say that the colon is not capable of keeping itself in optimum condition and needs to be cleaned out every so often.

There are health professionals who lean towards the use of alternative therapies like body detoxing but the main medical profession maintains that detoxing is absolutely unnecessary. The bottom line is that you are capable of making the decision about how you handle looking after your own health but you should consult your doctor before you start replacing food with detoxing drinks and herbal products.

So, for anyone wanting to embark on a detox diet the first step is research. Just begin with any of the established detox diets like the famous lemonade diet. If you do a search on the internet you will find forums where people who have tried these diets tell about their successes and failures.

Reading about these detox plans will make you familiar with the basic stages of the detox process, how long they take and the side effects and benefits.

A natural body detox is made up of more than just a fast or diet. It's a permanent change to the way you eat, what you eat, the items you surround yourself with and the products you use. You can also learn how to make use of therapies like colon cleansing and saunas, the detoxing and healing properties of herbal remedies and teas and the place of the whole alternative therapy movement in your own health care world.

Source by Zara Buckley