You don’t always hear good news coming out of a Florida law enforcement agency.

On Wednesday, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office had just that, posting an adorable Facebook post of an owl being held by a man in uniform. Both are wearing serious expressions.

The caption explains that Sgt. Gregory Kircikyan found the juvenile Eastern Screech Owl in Estero last month.

“The little guy was clearly injured,” said the post, so the officer put on a glove and picked up the bird “without any struggle.”

The owl rode in Kircikyan’s patrol car to the nearby Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife for treatment.

The clinic gave a Facebook update confirming that the owl is fully recovered and was released back into his habitat, but did not specify the injury.

FB commenters appreciated the effort and maybe the fact that the sheriff department’s latest release didn’t have to do with a heinous Florida Man crime.

“Aw, way to go!! Sweet little owl was lucky to be saved.”

“My hero. Thank you for looking out for this amazing creature.”

“This is the part of ‘protect and serve’ that’s so rewarding.”

“Great job. He’s a policeman with a big heart.”

“Ten atta-boys for that good deed!”

“Nice job, Sarge.”

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