Christopher Hayzlip

Christopher Hayzlip

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

A Vero Beach man spent some time in jail Sunday night and early Monday for a violation that Indian River County Sheriff’s Office says he blamed on his wife being stung by bee.

According to an arrest report, Christopher Hayzlip, 39, didn’t hide anything when stopped by IRCSO Deputy Wolf Shaw for a non-functioning light over his license tag. Hayzlip admitted his driver’s license was suspended years ago for unpaid citations and fines.

“He said he was driving on today’s date because his wife, passenger, was not able to drive due to being stung by a bee the day before,” Wolf wrote. “It should be noted the passenger did not have any injuries supporting Hayzlip’s reasoning for driving.”

Perhaps Hayzlip exhausted all the good options on an Excuses for Traffic Stops list: Wolf’s report says Hayzlip has four convictions for knowingly driving with a license suspended since his license was suspended on Dec. 12, 2011.

Hayzlip was booked again on that charge and posted $500 bond after a few hours.

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