In Florida, reptiles really don’t know the definition of boundaries. Especially the lizard species.

Giant, prehistoric looking lizards pop up in places they have no business being: Swimming in your pool, bathing in your toilet (Lord have mercy), fighting outside your local Starbucks and even strolling down Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. Was she looking for an outfit?

They are just up in our trunk, all the time (even sometimes on the hood).

Seriously though, lizards, including water monitors, iguanas and bearded dragons are so out of control, they have to be stopped. Thank goodness for trappers who devote their lives to this stuff.

One thing is for certain: These green, scaly pests (yes, sorry) are not going anywhere anytime soon.

At least we are allowed to kill them (humanely).

Pro tip: We hear they’re fairly tasty, like chicken.

If you see one, say, climbing into your living room? Google some recipes, and don’t forget the salt.

Whatever you do: Just don’t make one your pet. Their nails are sharp and they’re awfully territorial.

Iguanas and other spiky critters aren’t the only stars of wild happenings in Florida. What other “That’s so Florida, Man” videos do you want us to highlight in this series?

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