An alligator bite is nothing to mess around with. Unless, of course, there happens to be beer involved.

Noah Osborne, 22, and Timothy Kepke, 27, were arrested Thursday on one count of unlawfully taking an alligator after a video of the latter pouring beer into the reptile’s mouth surfaced on social media, an incident report says.

Wildlife officials first received a complaint about the video in August. The video shows an individual holding an alligator, allowing it to bite his right forearm then pouring a Coors beer into the reptile’s mouth, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. After consuming the beer, the alligator thrashes violently.

FWC officers went to the homes of both individuals on Sept. 17 where they confirmed that Kepke was the person on the video and that Osborne had caught the alligator with his bare hands, the report says. Kepke also admitted to consuming a couple of beers prior to the incident.

After catching the alligator, Osborne recorded Kepke’s interaction with the reptile on Snapchat before releasing it unharmed, the report continues.

FWC obtained warrants for their arrest six days later and Martin County Sheriff’s Office detectives arrested them Oct. 3.

Court records show Osborne and Kepke were taken to a Martin County jail where they were briefly held before posting their $2500 and $5000 bond, respectively.

This isn’t the first time Osborne or Kepke has done something like this. Osborne was found guilty of removing natural resources from FWC land in 2016. Kepke was convicted of grand theft in 2016 and boating under the influence in 2018

C. Isaiah Smalls II is a reporter covering breaking and trending news for the Miami Herald. Previously, he worked for ESPN’s The Undefeated as part of their inaugural class of Rhoden Fellows. He is a graduate of both Columbia University and Morehouse College.

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