A Florida man tried his hardest to get away from Marion County deputies after hitting a deputy, but as the sheriff’s office puts it “You can’t hide from our eyes in the sky!”

On Sunday, Deputy Tripp tried to make contact with Brandon Buckholz who may have been involved in a domestic battery, the sheriff’s office said.

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Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Body cam footage released by the sheriff’s office shows, the deputy talking to Buckholz as he sits in the drivers seat of a car. A woman was in the passenger seat and deputies say two small children were in the back, as the deputy tried to get some answers in regards to the reported battery.

Before the deputy could learn anything, Buckholz slammed his foot on the accelerator and speed off. The woman screams, “What are you doing!” and the deputy was struck by the car, deputies said.

As Buckholz speeds away, the chase begins.

Deputy video shows aerial footage from a helicopter of Buckholz trying to get away. In the short-lived chase, Buckholz runs over deputy stop sticks, which blow out his tires, then deputies conduct a P.I.T maneuver, spinning his car and bringing it to a stop.

Buckholz wasn’t going down yet.

He gets out of his spun-out car and starts running towards a residential area. He tries to gracefully jump over a home’s backyard fence but falls on the ground after getting over it. Deputies hot on his tail quickly arrest him after he gets back up.

Buckholz remains in the Marion County jail and faces a slew of charges.

Deputies charged him with two counts of felony child neglect, one count of aggravated battery on law enforcement, one count of fleeing, one count of obstructing without violence, one Count of DWLSR and one count of providing false ID to law enforcement.

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