An herbal detox is a gentle natural way to stimulate the organs of detoxification. Nature’s plants have some of the best answers for curing disease and herbs can be used in many ways to treat conditions without the side effects of drugs.

Herbal detox is receiving a lot of attention these days as scientific research discovers the alarming facts that we all carry a burden of chemicals in our bodies that contribute to many health conditions. Our bodies have a natural detox cycle that goes on every day but we are bombarded with so many toxic chemicals that often the detox pathways become overloaded contributing to many chronic symptoms and degenerative disease.

Researchers have discovered that the detox pathways can be revved up to get rid of the backlog of toxins by providing certain nutrients that that are involved in detoxification. A good detox diet on its own may not be sufficient to stimulate the detox organs so herbal detox supplements provide the added support. Herbs are often combined as their synergistic properties are more powerful than the individual herb. There are herbal detox remedies for all the major detox organs; the liver, kidneys, bowel and lymph.

Herbal detox supplements are usually supplied as capsules, tablets, powders, liquids or teas. Liquid extracts are often tinctures that contain a small amount of alcohol. These are often considered superior to herbal capsules as they do not have to be digested so can be quickly absorbed into the body.

Herbal detox teas are very gentle in their action and are essentially body balancers. They are easily absorbed and have mild cleansing qualities. They can provide energy when taken as part of a liquid detox fast.

Herbs for Colon Detox

Herbal detox programs should start with cleansing the colon as this is one of the main routes of elimination of toxins that have been transformed in the liver. Some colon cleanses include herbs to cleanse the body at the same time so will include herbs that cleanse the blood and the lymph.

Herbal colon cleanses usually contain gentle laxative herbs such as cascara, chia seeds and rhubarb together with a plant fiber like psyllium husks either whole or powdered to move the waste through the bowel more easily. Plenty of water must be taken with psyllium for it to be effective as it swells up with water it absorbs from the bowel. Other fibres such as oat or rice bran, pea fiber or linseeds (Flax) are preferred by some therapists.

Herbs for Liver Detox

A herbal detox for the liver can work wonders as the liver works hard every day converting toxic chemicals into safer forms that can be excreted more easily through the bile and the bowel or kidneys via the urine. The liver herbs dandelion root, burdock and yellow dock are cleansers while artichoke (cynara) artemesia, berberis, centaury and gentian stimulate bile. Milk thistle (silymarin) acts as a detoxifier and protector through its antioxidant qualities. Many studies show turmeric to stimulate one detox pathway.

Herbs for Kidney Detox

A colon cleanse will help with kidney problems. Toxins from the bowel can overload the kidneys. Kidneys can also benefit from a direct herbal detox as they tend to get very little attention until they get seriously diseased. Kidney herbs can help with repeated infections of the kidneys or bladder. There are even herbs that help to dissolve stones.

Dandelion, parsley, juniper berries, buchu, birch and uva ursi are all diuretics. That is they promote the excretion of fluid. Gravel root, hydrangea root, yarrow and birch tea help to dissolve stones and clear kidneys. Uva Ursi (Bearberry) and chamomile are antispasmodics that can ease the passage of stones.

Herbs for Lymph Detox

The lymphatic system carries wastes and toxins from the cells into the blood stream which eventually will be processed by the liver or excreted by the kidneys. It is part of our immune system. If the lymph system becomes clogged with toxins then our immune systems can’t function properly. Cleansing the lymph can improve many health conditions.

You will find herbs such as astragalus, echinacea, cleavers, goldenseal, wild indigo root, red root, burdock, red clover, stillingia root and mullein leaf in lymph cleanse products.

An herbal detox will be more effective when eating an organic natural foods diet, drinking sufficient amounts of pure water, and getting regular exercise.

Source by Sandy Halliday