We look at blockchain projects such as IOTA and we are doused with information about IoT, the Internet of Things, but really, what is it all about?

To me, IoT is an inevitable part of the blockchain revolution. In order for the blockchain to become a normal part of our daily lives (in the same way the internet is) then we need to see the blockchain incorporated within our daily internet based products. This in its essence is exactly what IoT refers to, an internet of interconnectivity, where real life ‘things’ work on the internet and in this instance, on the blockchain.

This is exactly what the likes of IOTA want to achieve, this of course is evident in their many partnerships and external projects, of course, IOTA aren’t the only project to be steering the blockchain in this direction either.

What is an Internet of Things?

We all want our ‘things’ to be connected in order to make our lives easier. Look at the smartphone for example –  it is a product, designed to be connective in order to manage our data for us. It does more than just call people, it lets us enter a world that thrives on communication. Again, we could include things like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, conversational interfaces that help technologies in our homes link up and work together. This is IoT in operation. Now, what we are seeing is an element of blockchain technology being added to this too.

Why blockchain?

The blockchain can exist as an extension to the internet that allows the internet to do things that it couldn’t usually manage alone. The blockchain can make the internet safer and faster, can allow for better decision making through enhanced AI and can generally improve the performance of all things connected to the internet. By using the blockchain in IoT, we often remove the need for a middleman, ourselves the consumers. What this does is makes our technology even more user friendly and even more convenient than ever before. The big deal with IoT is that it truly is a revolution, the only revolution that looks ready to make our already amazing technology, even better, helping us to take one giant leap into the next technological revolution.

If you’re interested in this side of blockchain technology, be sure to keep your eyes on IOTA, who are certainly leading the way within this field.

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