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An “Ace of Cakes” meets “Dirty Jobs” with an icy twist

SCOTT RELLA, KEVIN ROSCOE, and PETER SLAVIN are at the absolute top of their game. World Class Ice Sculptors all, they have competed in every World Championship since 1992, as well as representing the United States at the 1994 & 1998 Winter Olympic games. They have traveled internationally and have created spectacular works of art worldwide. Friends and collaborators for the last twenty years, they come together to produce the biggest ice sculptures in the world, the most transcendent large scale environmental art installations, and perform as FEAR NO ICE, the first live performance ice sculpting troupe ever (think Blue Man Group on Ice… with chainsaws!)… all of this, every week on ICE MEN.

Creating breathtaking works of art that defy the imagination, as well as consistently drawing a tremendous public turnout, which generates media attention each and every time, is just one aspect of their creative lives. In using ice as the raw material in sculpture, the combination of artistic finesse and brute strength come together seamlessly. An ice sculpture can range in weight from 25 pounds to 50,000 pounds, or greater, depending on the design. And, as you can imagine, time is always a factor – though the lifetime of a sculpture can last from mere minutes to possibly months, contingent on environment.

The tools of the trades are derived from woodworking tools — razor-sharp chisels, specialty bits fitted to a grinder, of course, the requisite chainsaws! Some sculptures can be completed in as little as ten minutes, others can take several hours, even days. The temperature of the environment affects how quickly the piece must be completed to avoid the effects of melting; if the sculpting does not take place in a cold environment, then the sculptor must work quickly to finish the piece.

Quirky, funny, and passionate, the personalities of SCOTT, KEVIN, and PETER resound their exemplary work-hard-play-hard ethic and their enthusiasm and passion for their art. Their humorous shorthand speaks volumes about their life-long friendship.

On any given week on ICE MEN, we may find them producing world-class ice sculptures in New York, Vail, Tokyo, or Dubai. Every day brings a brand new challenge and every project is unique. The phone rings and these guys deploy like a military operation. They are the definitive world ambassadors in the world of ice — standard bearers and trend setters in a medium that is magical, imaginative, and never fails to fill the hearts and minds of the crowds that bear witness to their inspiring craft.

There is no assignment too big, too daunting, or too treacherous. On ICE MEN… the only thing to fear is dying from laughter on the journey to success!

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