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Passive income is often seen as the holy grail of investments, after all, who doesn’t want to earn money with very little effort? But until now guaranteed returns have been hard to come by.

All that is changing with the help of INDX Capital, a Masternode portfolio company, based out of London, who has developed an ingenious way to help investors earn passive income on their crypto assets .

Iconic Lab carried out its due diligence on INDX’s offering and concluded:

“In any venture, there is typically an ‘X-Factor’ that distinguishes successful ventures from their competitors … For INDX, we have identified their proprietary technology, primarily the Masternode allocation algorithm, which identifies the ‘most- profitable’ Masternode at any given time and allocates the fund’s portfolio to them as this X-Factor,” 

How does it work?

Well, it’s all down to proof-of-stake (POS). Masternodes are a hot topic in blockchain and cryptocurrency, with everyone from small projects to big players like Dash and PIVX allowing people to earn a passive income by staking their projects. Ethereum, the world’s second biggest project after Bitcoin is also moving towards a proof-of-stake protocol, along with Facebook’s Libra coin. 

Ahead of their token sale, which starts on July 1, and to help first-time investors realise the potential returns of these emerging assets, INDX Capital has published a guide that demystifies Masternodes, Staking and DPoS. Using their proprietary algorithm, INDX token holders receive a guaranteed return each quarter.

The token sale follows two years of infrastructure and regulatory compliance architecture, and investors will receive 50% of net profits from the INDEX fund’s performance. 

The remaining 50% is invested back into the portfolio to help grow the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the native token on exchanges. When investors are ready to sell their token holdings, they may do so immediately and without paying a fee.

Hard work

The success of INDX’s technology is the product of several years solving complex problems when taking exposure to these emerging assets, while accounting for key market factors including volatility, volume, price stability, liquidity and integrity.

The INDX token is an elegant representation of the performance of the underlying Masternode portfolio. INDX token holders receive a dividend from the aggregated rewards generated by the portfolio of Masternodes. This greatly reduces the barrier of entry to investors looking to generate a passive income with digital assets of significant volatility. 

Jonathan DeCarteret, CEO and founder of INDX, explains:

“It was obvious that a business which removed the obstacles and provided an indexed portfolio would appeal to investors. INDX was born and quickly set about attracting a world class team to help crack this passive nut,” he said.

“It took two years for some of the finest blockchain minds to refine a business that is protected from a downturn but captures all the profit from an upswing,” he said.

“INDX provides a sophisticated tech platform with automatic dividend distribution and an algorithm constantly scanning the market, plus a hedge to protect the portfolio from any wild swings. Investors also have access to a personal dashboard to show them exactly how much money they’re making.”

It’s clear INDX Capital has certainly developed an innovative way for investors to generate a passive income, it will be interesting to see how this project develops in the months ahead.

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