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Table of Contents:

Perfection & Risk: The Making of a Banister-back Chair by: Joshua Klein

Quiet Grace: An Interview with Chairmakers David and George Sawyer

Examination of an 18th-Century Drop Leaf Table

Dividing the Line: Assessing the Eye of Blue-Collar Geometers by: George Walker

Decoding the Roman Workbench by: Christopher Schwarz

A Furniture Conservation Primer by: Donald C. Williams

An Unjustified Mystique: Period Dovetails Up-Close

A Case for Cadwalader by: Timothy Garland

An Interview with Tool Collector Skip Brack of Liberty Tool Company

Fidelity to the Past: An Interview with Zachary Dillinger

Everybody Who Knows ‘Why’ is Dead by: Peter Follansbee

Woodworking in Estonia: Book Review by: Michael Updegraff

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