Born February 11, 1969, Jennifer Aniston has become a household name on both TV and the big screen. Women envy her and men adore her! In various interviews she is deemed as being funny, confident, and very down to Earth. Not many people realize that she has also been busy behind the scenes though with various producing efforts. In 1996 she also starred in a rock video for Tom Petty for the song Walls.

The big claim for fame occurred for Aniston when she was cast as Rachel on the 80’s sitcom, Friends. In fact, her hair style from the show became one of the hottest fashion statements of that time. Prior to being recognized in that capacity, she took part in acting in high school and in college at various theatres. She took an interest in acting when she was 11 and would often act out the roles she saw on TV.

Her sense of humor has been widely promoted in many movies including Along Came Polly with Ben Stiller and He’s Just Not that Into you with an all-star lineup including Bradley Cooper. She almost didn’t take the role on Friends though as she was offered an ongoing role on Saturday Night Live at the same time.

She launched her own perfume for women in 2010 that has done very well around the world. She is also working on a fragrance for men that is rumored to be released in 2014. She is heavily involved in various charities including those that promote clean drinking water, cancer awareness, and orphan awareness programs.

Aniston has been romantically linked to many amazing men over the years. Being married to Brad Pitt, many thought she had the perfect life. The marriage ended a few short years later. It was rumored that Pitt was seeing Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith but both deny any romance occurring until after Pitt an Aniston were divorced.

She is currently engaged to Justin Theroux. She has aged very well and many women are impressed with how she looks at 44. It is no wonder that Jennifer Aniston has recently been asked to be the spokeswoman for various skin care and hair care products. She has also been involved with some exercise programs that promote eating right and yoga. In 2012, she got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.