Park Jae-Sang is better known to his fans as PSY. He is a singer from South Korea of rap music and also a songwriter. He was born December 31, 1977. His most notable song is Gangnam Style. He is also well known for the funny videos and stories that he tells online. He seems to have a reach that is very global and that is part of the overall appeal.

His family is very supportive of his musical talents and ambitions. He father is a businessman in Korea. His mother owns several restaurants in that country. Many of his former teachers remember him as funny and always singing or dancing. They do say he was disruptive to other students at times due to such behaviors though. Overall, they remember the amount of energy he would bring with him into the classroom.

His love of music was the result of seeing a video of the band Queen performing Bohemian Rhapsody. PSY was 15 years old at the time. In 1996, his father sent him to Boston to study business. However, he wasn’t interested at all and only wanted to explore more about music in the USA. After one semester at Boston University he dropped out and applied at Berklee College of Music.

That is where he learned the core basics of music performing and music writing. He didn’t graduate but did learn enough to go back to Korea and pursue a music career. It was put on hold though in 2003 when he had to serve his mandatory military service. In 2007 though he was in trouble for neglecting work services and was at risk of having to re-enlist.

By 2013 when Gangnam Style became such a huge hit, many thought it was an overnight sensation. They didn’t realize that PSY had been working on music for many years and this was actually on his 5th album. He was so broke that he couldn’t afford to pay anyone to record it with him. Those that did so agreed to do so at no cost.

Some feel that PSY will be a trend that comes and goes but don’t be so sure. He seems to have plenty of loyal followers. He is also continually trying new things and would like to see rap music getting a better reputation. One of his best memories is being able to perform on New Year’s Eve with a broadcast around the world with MC Hammer, one of his rapper idols.