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James Thomas Fallon was born on September 19, 1964 in New York. He has a delightful smile, a wonderful laugh, and a zest for comedy. In addition to being a well-known comedian, he has also acted in movies and hosted various shows. He is a singer and also a producer. He is very well liked and respected in the world of music and movies.
As a child, Fallon was a huge fan of Saturday Night Live. He and his sister Gloria would watch it, and then re-inact what they saw. He would also write skits that the two of them would perform for their parents.

There is a serious side to Fallon, and he is a computer whiz. He went to college for Computer Science but soon found himself bored with it. He continued to learn about computers on his own, but switched his major to communications. He also has an honorary Doctorate degree.

After college, his first stand-up comedy gigs were those that allowed him to make impressions of other famous people. He made a name for himself with the variety of impressions he was able to do. At the age of 24, he was on top of the world when he was offered a full time job with Saturday Night Live. This is the role that put him in the public eye.

When he was in school, he said he wanted to grow up to take over for David Letterman. While this didn’t happen, he was a guest on the show several times. He was also a guest host for Letterman in 2003. He did take over the Tonight Show with Jay Leno after Conan O’Brien failed to have high enough ratings when he was in that position for a short period of time.
Fallon invests time and money for plenty of community functions and worldwide charities. In 2002, he was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People for his contributions to society by People Magazine. He is a huge New York Yankee’s baseball fan, and often attends their home games.

Jimmy Fallon is one of the most popular late night talk show hosts. His guest list is very diverse and he has plenty of jokes to keep everyone entertained. He has been married to Nancy Juvonen since 2007. He is very good friends with Drew Barrymore and Tina Fey. He has nothing but admiration for these very funny ladies.

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