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Most people think of Jenny McCarthy as her great acting roles and her modeling. However, she is also a huge advocate for children with Autism due to her son being diagnosed with it. She was born in Chicago, Illinois on November 1st, 1972. Many believe her features are very similar to those of the icon Marilyn Monroe.

Her career actually took off in 1993 when she posed nude in Playboy. She was the Playmate of the Year that same year. This led to the offer of a program on MTV about playmates called Hot Rocks. She was offered another program in 1995 by MTV called Singled Out. She has done various feature films, comedy programs, and even promotions for sports including the World Wrestling Federation.

She has been linked to many well-known men over the years. She dated her manager, Ray Manzella from 1994 until 1998. She left him to date director John Mallory Asher. They were engaged in early 1999 and married before the year was over. Their son was born in March of 2002. The couple divorced in 2005.

Later that same year, McCarthy was linked to dating the comedian Jim Carey. They were living together within a year. In 2008, she stated on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that they couple had on intentions of marriage, it was only a piece of paper, and they didn’t need it. In April of 2010 the couple announced they were no longer together. As of 2012, she was linked to dating Brian Urlacher who is in the NFL but they ended their relationship a few months later.

Jenny McCarthy enjoys her career but loves her role as a mother more than anything. She has written various books about parenting that have sold very well. She is also an advocate for those parents that don’t wish to have their children vaccinated. This is due to the research that claims such vaccines are linked to the number of children diagnosed with Autism.
That information is still controversial and debated. She has received awards for her contributions to such awareness but she has also been scrutinized by those that don’t believe such information is true.

She has also written materials about school bullying. She claims that in high school she was often bullied by various peer groups and it made her school experience very difficult. She was involved in cheerleading and other activities but says that didn’t prevent her from being a target.

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