2019 WSOP Main Event Seventh-Place Finisher Nick MarchingtonA Las Vegas judge lifted the hold on the final $152,000 of the $1.525 million that 21-year-old poker pro Nick Marchington won from his seventh-place finish at the 2019 World Series of Poker main event, according to a report from the Las Vegas Review Journal.

The British pro was being sued by the owners of C Biscuit Poker Staking for 10 percent of his winnings. The owners of the poker staking business, David Yee and Collin Hartley, alleged that they had bought 10 percent of Marchington’s action in the tournament and that they were owed the money.

Marchington claimed that he had originally accepted the arrangement, but eventually canceled their piece and refunded the money when he was offered a higher markup on the piece from another group of backers. Marchington texted Yee and Hartley to inform them that their piece was canceled and he refunded the money before the tournament started.

C Biscuit argued that they didn’t get their money back until after the tournament started, which, in their opinion, meant they were entitled to the six-figures. They filed a lawsuit in a Clark County district court the day after Marchington busted from the tournament, which led to the WSOP putting a hold on 10 percent of his winnings, until Tuesday when the money was released to Marchington.

Marchington’s legal team argue that he had the right to cancel the agreement and refund the money. Neither party’s legal team would comment on the most recent development in the case.

The judge may have lifted the hold on Marchington’s winnings, but there is no indication on a final ruling or settlement of the case.




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