no title (rain) is intended to alter the audience members’ realities with shifting the sonic perception of the mundane. no title (Winter 2017) is a machine crafted to produce the sound of a heavy rain. the sound fills the space, altering its character as the audience negotiates the large space. hung from a second story of a large atrium, the walls seem to reverberate just as the glass beneath the wooden dowels do. after several minutes of rainfall the sculpture begins to sway in disorder and then suddenly shuts off.

no title is designed and manufactured by interdisciplinary artist free alexander snow tripp. special thanks to Terry Berlier for her guidance throughout the project.


manual mill, woodworking, TIG welding, electronics, glass-work, CNC, laser cutting, electronics, installation procedures


steel, stainless steel, white oak, birch, glass, electronic components+hardware, acrylic, steel cable


after 7 weeks of concept evolution and prototyping, untitled transformed from 3 large rotating rain sticks into one floating rain cloud. in only 2 weeks, no title – “untitled” – became a living sculpture, praecipitatio, but not without hours of time fabricating and installing the piece by hand. special thanks to the Stanford PRL and Sculpture lab, The TAs and MFA students, Anna Olson, Kelly O’Rourke, and my advising professor, Terry Berlier.

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