If you are interested in losing your weight in a faster way, then you can go for the laxative diet. It has gained so much popularity because people find it easier to adapt than using the dieting route to lose weight. Laxatives are usually advised by doctors to persons with constipation problems. Though questions have often been raised about their efficacy, yet they are gaining popularity as a means to lose weight.

You may want to know as to what exactly laxatives are? Actually they are formulated for stimulation the bowels. In a way, due to their ability to interfere with absorption of food, which results in less of food being absorbed by our intestines, they induce significant amount of weight loss. This fact is being exploited and laxative diet has become a raze amongst the weight losers.

People desirous of losing weight use laxative in the form of pills, liquid form or as laxative tea. Laxatives act upon the large intestine to get empty. Since less of food absorption takes place in large intestine and no absorption takes place in small intestine due to laxative effect, persons start losing weight.

Losing weight using a laxative diet may result in the body moving on the verge of getting diarrhea. This may cause severe weakness.

It has been seen that people usually depend on laxative tea to lose weight. This tea contains herbs like blackthorn, aloe, sienna roots, acai berries…etc which have laxative properties. Sometimes laxative pills are also taken along with tea to speed up weight loss results.

Sometimes people take laxative tea with master cleansing diet, as a result of which they just get lemonade tea as diet which lacks solids. As a result person continuously suffers from stool pressure and diarrhea. Person may think that he has lost lot of weight, but actually he loses body water and not weight. This imbalance is corrected by the body within 3- to 48 hours. So it can be said that laxative diet

does not help in losing any weight and all that is lost is water, which is again regained by the body.

Laxative diet is fervently recommended by the dietitians and media but they conveniently hide the side effects of the laxative diet. Actually this diet regime may lead to lots of side effects like stomach cramps, dehydration, bleeding in the rectum, chronic constipation…etc. This diet plan can also lead to deficiency of minerals and vitamins in the body. This diet lack nutrients vital for the body so it may be termed as the unhealthiest way to shed those extra pounds. Withdrawal symptoms like mood swings, weakness or constipation may appear if laxative diet is taken over a long period of time.

Therefore, instead of going for a laxative diet to loose weight, it is best to side with proper weight loss methods under expert guidance to avoid any health complication arising in your body in long run.

Source by Michael C Miller