Both Stine and Hise have skated since they were kids. By day, the two are master craftsmen. They also hand-make high-quality, limited-edition skateboards in their manufacturing facility a few blocks away in south St. Petersburg. Much of the wood they use is recycled and repurposed and comes from local hardwoods such as rosewood, walnut, cedar, maple and cedar that have been cut down for various reasons. Each board has seven layers and is finished with a lacquer that seals everything and shows of the spectacular grain. In addition to their own work, Stine and Hise also feature boards by local companies like Longline Skateboards and High Tides Longboard, as well as national brands, such as Klever.   

They’ve also kicked off an innovative artist series, for which they invited 50 local artists to take a board and use their imagination to create a one-of-a-kind collector piece using graphic and sculptural elements. The boards are both a work of art and functional. “We were looking for a really diverse group of artists and have attracted a broad range of people, from architects, illustrators and graphic designers to tattoo artists,” says Stine. Interest has been so great among local artists interested in painting a board, says Travis, that he’s begun keeping a log, a waiting list to call when the next batch of boards is ready for adding a home-grown creative touch.

Words by Janan Talafer

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