All possibilities with the Carousel ATC CNC Router are detailed here:

Here we captured the Carousel at work, automatically handling Supawood, then routing through it – but first, let’s help some definition.

Well, Carousel ATC, also called Rotary ATC, Disk ATC and Drum Style ATC, is an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) specifically designed for optimal use with your CNC routing machine.

● WHAT DISTINGUISHES the Carousel ATC from other ATCs is that the tool rack is mounted next to the spindle. This results in a much faster tool change than with linear ATCs, because linear ATCs arrange the tools at the far end of the router table so that the spindle and gantry have to move right to the end of the table every time a tool change is required.

By contrast, the Carousel ATC offers more efficient and lightning fast tool changes. PowerRoute CNC Router with Carousel Automatic Tool Changer is the masterpiece of our engineering, CNC machine manufacture and craftsmanship. With unexampled speed on routering and tool changing, and unparalleled accuracy on 0.001mm resolution, this PowerRoute Multifunction Woodworking CNC Routers with ATC is the best option when it comes to furniture making, interior and exterior decorations. It’s ideally suitable for processing cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood furnitures, musical instruments, etc.

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