When Roy Couvillion approached us with an idea for a local woodworking show, we were thrilled at the idea. Here is a demo of the pilot. Look for it on the air soon!

Roy J. Couvillion is a mechanical engineer with an ancestral passion for woodworking. Drawing from experience in a number of industries, he’s often called upon to provide creative solutions to esoteric and even ill-defined problems. From experimental helicopters, surgical devices and turbine-powered watercraft to woodworking, his out-of-the-box approach has given him the reputation of being “not like normal people.” In the shop, Roy’s competence and confidence are both obvious and contagious. Conventional and unique woodworking machines and methods combine with his engaging rapport in a seamless one-on-one viewer experience. As an interviewer, his disarming demeanor solicits an endearing performance from even the most anxious guest (www.makingtraditions.com).

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