Hi folks, in this tutorial I want to show you how easily you can build a multi-step form using @use-form/use-form library, and react-use-wizard. These forms are super useful when you want to save complicated forms or forms with many fields, so let’s do that.


One of the challenges of building multi-step forms is how to manage the entire form across many step components that should keep parts of the same form, with the same validation schema, same submit button, and same state. By using another library’s forms, you should use React’s Context API, and the useContext hook.

By contrast, when you use the @use-form/use-form, you do not need anything like this. You need to create one form and use it across all steps. Let’s get started and figure out how it is possible.

Setting up the Application

Our first task is to prepare an application to develop your example of a multi-step form. This can be done with React + Vite, and with Codesandbox

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