Starting a new year is always the perfect time to reset our mindset and goals. It is almost as if we were able to get a second chance, a fresh, clean start! Use this to your advantage and step into the new year with a positive attitude, perfect for a  lifestyle change.



With the New Year  starting, here are a few ideas to improve your life in 2018:







  1.   Embrace Clean Eating

Take one step at a time, start by making small changes and incorporate more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Try to avoid over-processed items or items with sugar added. These small steps will show the great results soon.


  1.  Reboot the Kitchen

As you consciously start eating clean, the best way of sticking to it is by rebooting your kitchen. Throw away anything unhealthy, rearrange the kitchen to keep an inventory of groceries. Make grocery lists and stick to it. Incorporate as many healthy ingredients as possible.


  1. Learn to say “No”

Have you ever ended up breaking your clean eating & regular workout regime only because you got carried away at a party? Learning to say NO and focusing on yourself goes a long way.  Your family and friends will understand. Stop overextending and keep your goals in mind. Remember, a taste of comfort food lasts only a few seconds while your goals will last longer and will make you feel better. Stay strong!


  1. Stay in Touch

As we grow old and get busy, we often lose touch with our friends and family. Make an effort to reach out, no distance is far in this tech-savvy world. If you put in a little effort you can have amazing relationships. Did you know that, not having a satisfying social life has worse effects than smoking and alcohol abuse? A good social circle helps maintain good emotional health.


  1. Give Back

Find ways to help others who cannot return the favor. Helping people in need gives a certain amount of happiness and satisfaction. Volunteer at causes you are passionate about. Teach someone a skill you are proud of, do anything selfless that helps give back to the society in some form.


  1. Manage Stress

Let’s be real, cutting stress completely from your mind-bogglingly busy schedules sounds like a dream. Instead of thinking of cutting it out, try to manage it better. Prioritize at least three things you want to accomplish in a day, finish them. Watch your life get more organized and better managed with stress. A simple step could be to make your bed every morning which will start the day off right for you!


  1. Travel More

We often get stuck in a routine and keep going in circles. Traveling and vacations usually bring a pause to your ongoing troubles, worries and challenges. It gives you a time out, helps you reenergize and face life with more enthusiasm and a fresher perspective. Don’t be surprised if you find the idea you were looking for to tackle a challenge that had been bothering you for some time. Remember, it does not always have to be an extravagant or expensive affair. It can be as simple as traveling to a new state or a few miles to a different town.


  1. Get Moving

Our busy lives can often side track our health and fitness goals. It might not always be convenient to get to the gym or go out for a run. Find ways to include some exercise in your daily chores. For example, walk and talk when you are on the phone, use the stairs and not the elevator, park your car further away than you normally would park. Keep moving and stay active in any shape or form.


  1. Drink More Water

Keeping yourself hydrated has numerous health benefits. It not only helps you lose weight but also helps you boost immunity. It increases your energy and keeps fatigue at bay. Try drinking half your body weight in ounces every day. For example, if you weight 160 lbs, then try and drink 80 fluid ounces of water every day. Drinking water helps prevent headaches and makes you less prone to sprains and cramps too. Water also helps improve skin complexion by flushing toxins out of the system. So, don’t medicate, hydrate!


  1. Dedicate More Time to Yourself

Solitude helps you reboot and recharge. Helps you clear your mind, and thereby increases your focus and productivity. Utilize this “me time” to set goals. Get up about half an hour early and work in solitude to build yourself. Discover the person you are and hear your inner voice.


These are few simple resolutions that could make a difference in 2018. Welcome the New Year with refreshed and rejuvenated mind-set.


Happy New Year from everyone at Hyleys!

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