The orange peel weight loss tea hit the market. Before you go skeptical, at least try to hear out this fact that is presented in this article. Most people may think that all peelings shall go to the compose pit so that the organic deposits can be useful in your homegrown vegetables, or for your flowers in the pot.

But not with Orange peel. You still can benefit from it. It has health advantages. From the peels you get the orange oil that are deemed valuable and is used to treat indigestion, allergies, and other health issues. The raw material has properties that also lower the LDL level of the individual.

The peel which is taken mostly from the Citrus aurantium or green orange is said to contain synephrine, tyramine and octopamine compounds that will suppress appetite and stimulate weight loss. The presence of tyramine in this raw material is found to promote high metabolic rate. This effect will enable the body to torch down fats and calories. Octopamine on the other hand is the substance that suppresses your craving of food. Synephrine is similar to Ephedrine and tyramine that promote weight loss. Synephrine can intensify the body heat and energy as well.

However, the intake of orange peel is taken with precaution because consuming too much of this ingredient may give you a cardiovascular problem like palpitation, constricted blood vessels, and other adverse effects.

In culinary, orange peel is often used to add zest to the dishes. Chefs or even ordinary cooks will grate the peel and combine it with different kinds of food.

In conventional Chinese remedies, Orange peel ingredient is often combined with other herbs like green tea. The combination is believed to strengthen the weight loss effect. Orange peel and the caffeine found in the green tea work miracles in the individual’s system. Weight loss is accelerated with the mixture of green tea. Sometimes, Jasmine and other herbs are mixed with the orange peel weight loss tea.

Source by Jolie Summer