NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. (WFLA) – It was a wild moment caught on camera Monday in Pasco County. The body-cam video provided by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office captures the epic aftermath of a neighbor dispute gone horribly wrong.

Witnesses say the feud between two families on Riverbank Drive in New Port Richey lasted more than a year.

Those who live nearby describe it as “drama,” day in and out, for thirteen months.

Then, on Monday, the proverbial volcano erupted in a dangerous way, a moment that could have easily killed someone, according to those who saw it.

Those who know Timothy Farmer tell 8 on Your Side he “snapped,” pushed to his limit after the family across the street allegedly taunted the man’s fiance.

It was the straw the broke the camel’s back, capping off months of fighting.

“Tim couldn’t take it anymore,” his fiance said. “He really didn’t want to hurt anyone. He reached his boiling point. We’ve been harassed for months, and he’s been physically attacked. I had no idea he would do this.”

Pasco deputies say Farmer walked out the door, got in his car, threw it in reverse and hit the gas.

He flew across the street, slamming into his neighbor’s house, specifically the kitchen, where the wife of Tim’s nemesis had reportedly been minutes before.

As Pasco deputies arrived on scene, their body-cameras were rolling and captured the aftermath seconds after it happened. Timothy Farmer could be seen still sitting in the front seat, disoriented and anxious.

He told deputies shortly thereafter, “I’ve had it. You guys don’t do nothing. You guys don’t do nothing.”

His fiance says the two of them made countless calls to deputies, begging for help, hoping to quash the ongoing feud.

“I know he didn’t want to hurt people,” said Sheree Butler, the man’s fiance. “He didn’t know what to do really. We both didn’t. We’ve been calling the sheriff’s office for months.”

The fiance told 8 on Your Side that this moment was completely out-of-character for her husband-to-be. Those who live nearby, not involved in the dispute, disagree.

They say Timothy Farmer would antagonize the family across the street, engaging in “trash talk.” On Monday, that ended.

Farmer is seen on the body-cam video yelling at deputies and resisting arrest. He was finally placed in a squad car and taken to jail, where he remains on no-bond, facing multiple charges.

“You know how people vent and you think they’re just venting,” the fiance asked. “He was more than venting. But, I told the sheriff’s department, you’ve got to do something. Someone’s going to snap.”

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