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Many refer to Pharrell Williams as simply Pharrell. He is a rapper, producers of records, and also a fashion designer. He was born April 5th, 1973. He has quite a few people that create music under the label he has created with Chad Hugo called Neptunes. His first solo song was released on 2003 but it wasn’t until 2006 when he released his first hip hop album. His second album wasn’t released until 2014.

There is quite a gap between them, which is unusual for an artist. However, Williams says he strives to over the best he can give. He isn’t in a rush to put out a new album every 1 ½ or 2 years which is the norm.

Williams met Hugo in 7th grade when they both attended band camp. He has always had a love of music and can play quite a few instruments. He is determined to make music his own way, not get caught up in the red tape of the industry that holds so many artists back.

His clothing line is called Billionaire Boys Club and does very well. In 2008, he created a line of sunglasses that are sold exclusively through Louis Vuitton. He created his own YouTube channel in 2011 called  I Am OTHER and it has millions of viewers on a regular basis.

Williams is an advocate for underprivileged children. He donated $35 million to start his charity called From One Hand to Another. The goal is for the money to help offer services for those between the ages of 7 and 20.

He has been considered to be one of the best dressed rappers out there. According to Esquire Magazine, Williams continues to help move such artists in a direction that makes them look polished and not thug like.

He has worked briefly on the area of fast food. However, he was fired three times from such jobs. Once for being late too often, once for burning burgers, and once for eating nuggets of chicken while on the job. He created a 24 hour music video that was streamed online. He had numerous celebrity guests make appearances in it. The video had millions of viewers in that 24 hour window.

He has written many songs for people that are top hits. This includes several of the Michael Jackson hits. He also co-wrote Robin Thicke’s Collaboration which was the top selling single of 2013. His brother is a professional skateboarder. Pharrell Williams has been married to Helen Lasichanh since 2013. They have a son together.

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