ARTC 3440 Digital Video Art, Bowling Green State University

Alexis Rubertino

A video channel with three videos stacked vertically on each other. The videos cycle through various typically male-dominated Fine Art practices; glassblowing, woodworking, leatherworking, painting, and ceramics. The audio is instructional or information commentary layered over heightened sounds that would come from using these mediums.

Artist Statement:
Quench aims to elicit the sensuality and physical pleasures of creating and watching art. This looped video has three images rolling at once to mimic the head, torso, and lower half of the body. Each close up contains a physically demanding part of art making, whether that be ceramics, glass, painting, or woodworking. This piece is meant to be projected onto a plain wall, 1 foot off the ground and 5 feet high.

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