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1. Intro – “What’s lined up for this months Playback”, by Donna Egley and Tony D’Angelo. (check out the price of gas!)
– Also includes “Good Morning Captian”.
2. Final rehersal of the RV Winter Concert, Mr. John Amos conducting, plus more of whats comming up, by David Brenner.
3. Showcase of RV’s Industrial Arts Programs (Graphic arts, Woodworking, Metal Shop, Automotive, etc.), By Donna Egley.
4. PLAYBACK SPECIAL REPORT – The 7th annual Personnel Inspection of the Naval Junior Officers Training Core, by Sam Howard.
5. Grover (AKA – David Gold), the RV Freshman Advisor – Segment on writing on desks, caught and punnished.
6. Promo for The 2nd Annual Gong Show to be held next month.
7. Interview of Mr. Tim Little from the Auto Shop, including his homemade hovercraft, by Mary Heinz.
8. RVRHS Wresteling sports feature, including Dino La Veechia interview and a 31 second pin by Don Shiffer, Narrated by Crock.
9. The history of Valintines Day, by Cheryl Fick
10. The Valentines Dance – “Always and Forever”, sponsered by the Junior Class, by Carole Melmin. (do you remember who the king and queen of hearts were?)
11. Profile of Eastampton Middle School, including an interview of their Principal Dr. Holcroft, by Donna Egley.
12. Ms. Piggy (AKA David Gold) – “No BOOZE or FUNNY CIGARETTES on the Senior Trip to Florida. (VERY FUNNY)
13. Interview of RV basketball player Robert Scott, by Steve Andrews
14. Interview of Mr. Wolfram on why there is a Leap Year, by Carole Melmin.
15. Outro – Tony D’Angelo
16. Credits with voice over by Crock – Dolby Stereo comming soon, Sadie Hawkens Dance Promo.

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