A tweet from poker pro Daniel Negreanu about what he was watching on television ended up sparking a conversation about whether or not there will be a sequel to the cult classic Rounders.

Negreanu tweeted this weekend that he was watching the poker movie on TV and that he felt that the story needed a follow up. The curiosity about what happened to card shark Mike McDermott and his shady friend Worm was eating away at him, and he tagged Brian Koppelman, one of the screenplay’s writers, for answers.

Koppelman responded with a surprise, stating, “It’s never too late.”

Over the last several years, the subject of a sequel has been broached many times and the outlook looks bleak.

In 2017, Koppelman did a question and answer session for fans, but told his them that if they brought up a Rounders sequel, he would “make up some bullshit.” Around the same time, Koppelman tweeted that he and co-writer David Levien do not control the rights to the film.

A year later, Matt Damon, who played the film’s main character, said on the Bill Simmons Podcast that there was no market for the possible movie. Damon’s words to Simmons contradicted what he told Rich Eisen two years earlier in an interview on Eisen’s radio program, stating that he had talked to Koppelman and Levien about a possible sequel and that the two writers had a great idea for one.

Rounders came up again in February of this year, when Koppelman released the original screenplay for the film, revealing that Phil Hellmuth, not Johnny Chan, was the original choice to square off against McDermott in the infamous Atlantic City poker room scene.

Regardless of whether or not a sequel is produced, Negreanu has ideas of his own for what it could be about.




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