Explore the Galaxy & Beyond with 13 Easy-to-Make Woodworking Projects.

Wooden toy designs have changed very little since long before we first landed on the moon: plenty of cars, p-prop planes, trucks, and trains–and, yes, that occasional Buck Rodgers-era rocket–but few projects that hint at the world of the future. No longer because when it comes to making that special wooden toy, space is the new frontier. With Wooden Toy Spacecraft, the iconic wooden toy blasts off into the 21st century with this collection of 12 state-of-the-art spacecraft that you can build in a weekend. Going well beyond tired old rocket ships, woodworker Gonzalo Ferreyra offers up an intergalactic fleet of original designs that can fly proudly alongside the classics we know from film, television, and our real-world history of space exploration. Dozens of detailed photographs and clear, concise instructions make even the most challenging techniques easy to conquer. With a few pieces of lumber, some cut-offs from your scrap box, and a healthy dose of future-vision, space geeks of all ages can craft a beautiful, awe-inspiring vehicle to proudly display or to gift to that special kiddo for hours of imaginative play.

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