Siblings and teenagers among 11 children adopted in Chicago ceremony

Four-year-old Penelope “Missy” Stone, wearing a collared light blue dress and a wide smile, jumped up and down every few seconds in a Daley Center courtroom Friday morning, unable to keep still from excitement as she waited for the judge to call her up to the bench.

In a little more than a week, she would be celebrating her fifth birthday at Walt Disney World with her mother, she told the presiding judge. But first, the judge would be finalizing the young girl’s adoption by Ellen Williams, an employee with the Department of Child and Family Services who has been fostering Missy since she was born.

“We’re having a quiet dinner tonight then heading to Disney,” Williams said in the courtroom packed with dozens of people and even more stuffed animals.

Missy, now Missy Williams, was one of 11 children ranging from age 3 to 14 adopted into seven separate families in a public ceremony Friday. The children included a set of five siblings, all staying in the family they were born…

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