DENVER — Boulder City Attorney Tom Carr on Wednesday argued to the state Public Utilities Commission that Xcel Energy has stalled progress on the city’s work to form a municipal electric utility.

Following the testy status conference between city officials and the company’s lawyers before the state agency, which included multiple instances of finger-pointing by each side regarding the matter’s slow speed, the parties will likely be called back to the commission next month for a two-day hearing.

Pending an order expected by the end of the week setting the hearing’s scope and date, tentatively scheduled for Sept. 23-24, Boulder and Xcel will again present to the commission their stances on whether conditions in a 2017 state order that paved the city’s path forward to a municipal utility have been met.

Xcel will likely contend they have not.

Boulder feels they have, but the state commission earlier this month filed a motion in Boulder District Court calling the city’s attempted condemnation of Xcel’s assets premature, claiming the state still had more work to do on the matter before approving a transfer to the city.

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