There are some tricky technological skills a link building professional SEO services expert needs to know to provide excellent work for their client. But there is so much more to their role that is more of a tedious and time-consuming endeavor. This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. If you are searching for the right SEO to help your business succeed, there are three crucial elements in which they should excel.

Article Marketing and Writing
Over the course of a year, your link building professional SEO services expert and team should probably have submitted thousands of articles that contain your backlinks to various, relevant parts of your website.

A decade or so ago, lazy SEO’s would hire an overseas writer to make hundreds of articles a week and submit them all to a low-quality article database just to boost SERPs from having so many links showing up. It is laughable when you come across some of these articles. Some are so poorly written you can barely figure out what it’s trying to say. The only clear parts are the keywords that are typed correctly, but used so many times the article doesn’t make sense.

None of this should be happening now with a link building professional SEO services expert. Most search engines are basing ranks on quality content, not quantity. So for those poor websites that had thousands of links with bad articles, they have probably all but lost their shirt by now.

Buy and Build Quality Websites
If you started out with just one website and blog, your link building professional SEO services experts will most likely recommend that you buy a couple more in order to set up websites that can support your backlinks to your primary web address.

There is a note of caution here, though. Do not set up duplicate websites. You can have several websites that are about the same subject but do not repeat the same information that is on the original. The point is to create more quality pages that can house your backlinks and build high-quality, risk-free links that will last as long as you own the websites.

Build Resourcefulness
Your link building professional SEO services expert team should be looking for any opportunities for you to become an “expert” in your field so that you can be listed as a resource guide. For example, if you are a woodworker that has woodworking tips, tricks, and how-to videos, your link building professional SEO services experts should be looking for websites that need to direct their readers to that type of source. It could be a shop teacher in a high school, a vocational teacher at a college, or a government webpage about power tool safety.

The link building professional SEO services experts you work with will set you up for long-term success, as long as you choose them carefully. Check their references, their previous work on websites, and ask all relevant questions to ensure you are getting the best.

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