It is very unsafe to lose weight using weight loss pills. While there are lots of side-effects, no one can promise if they really work! The good news is that you can now lose weight using various Chinese herbs. Chinese way of promoting good health and healing is quite popular for its quick and long-lasting effects. There are many Chinese herbs that help you boost your metabolism and promote weight loss. Wondering from where to sources the Chinese herbs? You must be thinking they are expensive and may not be easily available. Well, these herbs are easily available in natural or health food market. And, they are far less expensive than the weight loss plan you have been thinking to follow.

Let’s explore which all Chinese herbs you can use to lose weight:


Cordyceps refers to the mushroom extract, which is believed to promote weight loss by augmenting the body’s ability to burn fat. In addition, the herb is believed to enhance lung capacity, boost immunity system, and enhance your energy level and stamina. It also improves metabolism and doubles oxygen intake.

Wu-long tea:

Wu-long tea is another important weight loss product. By drinking this tea, you can speed up metabolism and prevent blockage of fat in the intestines. The tea also enhances your energy levels. Just drink a cup of Wu-long tea before each meal.


Condonopis is Chinese name to a type of mushroom, which boosts your basal metabolism rate and energy levels. As a result, the food that you eat gets converted to energy faster, and thus increasing body’s ability to lose weight.

While using any of the Chinese herbs listed here, you must ensure that you drink plenty of water to eliminate toxins.

Source by Helen R. Miller