More than 1000 people were treated to a celebrity football match at Dorking FC’s Meadowbank Stadium, as Calum Best’s F2Freestylers team took on the ‘My Tribute’ team – to raise money for the grassroots game.

The charity event was organised by CoinBurp, a London-based crypto exchange that lets people quickly and easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and which has ambitions to rival Coinbase as the best fiat on-ramp for those new to investing in cryptocurrencies.

With the help of Calum Best, celebrity and son of legendary footballer George Best, CoinBurp managed to drive awareness of crypto, and also to give something back to the community.

Best was joined by a selection of celebrities including EastEnders’ Dean Gaffney, last year’s Love Island contestants, Idris Virgo and Josh Mair, Soccer Am’s ‘Tubes’, and reality TV star Josh Ritchie for the match, which finished in a 10-5 victory for the F2 Freestylers.

Following the game Best thanked CoinBurp for their involvement and praised their approach to offering a safe and simple way to find out about cryptocurrency investing.

“It was an absolute pleasure having CoinBurp as a sponsor for the ‘My Tribute’ celebrity charity game,” he said.

“I am building a working relationship with CoinBurp, learning all things crypto, with the intent to help others who may not understand, and to help them learn more about its promising future.”

CoinBurp offers customers a simple, intuitive and safe platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. They sponsored the event to raise money for the Dorking Football Development Alliance, a charity that works to get kids into the game.

Peter Wood, CEO, said it was fantastic to be involved and great to get people like Calum Best on board.

“I was honoured to be involved in such a momentous occasion, where celebrities and the community came together for a hugely charitable cause, Sponsoring the event gave us the opportunity to be a part of the great work being done to support grassroots development for the youth of today, providing them with the foundation for their future. CoinBurp will continue to do its best in supporting such powerful events where we have the chance to improve the lives of communities and families alike. It’s important for all start ups to consider their responsibility to the community and to give something back.”

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