Video shows Volusia County Sheriff’s Office hunt for Deland plane crash

Video shows deputies and Samaritans rushing to find a small plane that crashed in the middle of the woods in Deland, FL.

Video shows deputies and Samaritans rushing to find a small plane that crashed in the middle of the woods in Deland, FL.

The calls started pouring in late Sunday afternoon.

A small plane, a Cessna 421, had crashed in a wooded area near DeLand.

“I would like to report a plane crash … A couple of pops in the engine and I see it [the plane] spiral nose down and I heard it crash,” a man told dispatch.

The force of the crash broke the plane in half — separating the tail from the cabin — and sparked fires near the cock pit.

The pilot and his two passengers would not survive the wreck.

On Monday, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office identified the pilot to be Armand Girouard, 27, of DeLand. His two passengers were Ernendro Philippe, 32, of Kissimmee and Shawna Carbonaro, 34, of DeLand.

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Helicopter aerial footage shows the force of the crash sthe Cessna 431 plane separated the plane’s tail, fires sparking near the cock pit.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Body cam footage shows Volusia deputies and nearby Samaritans running through the woods, trying to find the downed plane.

“Oh, I see it! It’s over here!” you can hear the deputy shout as he runs to the wreck.

“Sheriff’s Office. If anybody is in there, announce yourself… is anyone in there?” The deputy repeatedly asks as he nears the burning plane.

The video, which may be difficult to watch, shows deputies lifting one of the bodies out of the wreck.

The plane, “N731PF” is a Cessna 421 fixed wing multi-engine plane and is registered to a Flores Martin in Olmito, Texas, according to Federal Aviation Administration records.

It’s still unclear what airport the plane departed from and where it was going.

Originally posted on the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office Facebook, the video was taken down Monday “out of respect for the family, friends and all of you who spoke up,” according to the sheriff’s office. “To all family and friends of Armand, Ernendro and Shawna, we’re sorry for your loss and we wish you peace as you grieve and remember each of them.”

The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating the crash.

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