Have you hit a stumbling block while on your weight loss programs. Chickweed, Bilberry, and Pu-erh Tea’s can help you get over your weight loss plateau and help you reach all of your dieting goals! If you drink these tea’s and the right time you can shrink your fat cells down size.


Timing is everything when it comes to dieting. Eating (or drinking in this case) at the right time of day helps set your metabolism. Drinking tea in the morning will give you a metabolism boost, as well as give you energy so you will be active and burn even more calories. Pu-erh tea metabolizes fat and helps to reduce your stress. On top of that, Pu-erh tea will curb those cravings during the evening that causes many people to binge. Pu-erh tea is found and often drank in Easter China.. You can purchase Pu-erh tea in most tea shops. Pu-erh is a fermented tea.

White Tea

White tea drank during lunch actually helps the storage ability of fat. Drink 2 cups during lunch. It only costs 5 dollars per box at nearly all grocery stores. It helps metabolize fats and turn you into a fat burning machine.


Great stress reliever. When you are stressed your more likely to binge on unhealthy snacks and foods. After the end of a long day at work, sit back and relax with some theanine tea to take the edge of so you will make wise food choices at dinner. Theanine tea has a mild taste that goes down smoothly.


Helps for bloating. During the course of a day you will retain water. Chickweed is an actual weed that is found all throughout Europe. When used as a tea, Chickweed is a mild diuretic that helps you get rid of that water weight. Chickweed also works as a mild laxative. It will get your bowels moving (in a mild and gentle way) and flush toxins out of your body. You should have only one cup a day of this in the late afternoon because of the diuretic effects. You can purchase Chickweed Tea for only $7 per box in tea shops and in some grocery stores. It has a fruity taste without the bitterness.


Bilberry has to balance cravings and has powerful antioxidant effects. Science has shown that Bilberry helps to balance your blood sugar which will in turn reduce those cravings that prompt so many people to run for the bag of chips or pretzels late at night.

Source by Jeff Sullivan