Do you often pick up your phone and ask it a question? If you answered “yes,” you’re not alone. Forty-one percent of US adults use voice search daily. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if the average American talked to Siri or Alexa more than their family and friends.

When voice recognition technology first became popular, consumers used it to have funny conversations with AI or ask their Bluetooth speakers to play their favorite songs. People still do that, even as they increasingly turn to voice search technology for answers to their questions. Voice search enables instant gratification, providing an answer in seconds for about 94 percent of all search queries.

What does voice search mean for content marketers in 2023? We have four takeaways. But first, let’s connect the dots between voice search and digital marketing.

Voice Search & Digital Marketing: What’s the Connection?

The mainstreaming of voice search means that digital marketers need to adapt their digital content…

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