Attention Jaspernauts:

Dave, here. Earlier today, you may have seen a press release talking about Jasper’s exponential 2022 growth including 100,000 customers and 100% year-over-year growth. Seriously, we can’t thank you enough for taking the leap with us and creating all the things with Jasper!

Along with that growth comes another exciting change: our official acquisition of Outwrite.

Since the dawn of Jasper, it’s been a tool you have to log into to create great content before copying and pasting your work in its final destination. That works well for some projects, but it would ideally be better to have Jasper inside of your existing tools already. We want Jasper to be everywhere you write, completely at your beck and call.

As you may know, we released our own Chrome extension recently, but we needed more firepower there. So, on behalf of our awesome users and Jasper itself, I went Christmas shopping early!

After talking to many companies with great browser extensions, I fell in…

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