Commonly known as JLo, Jennifer Lopez is a singer, dancer, and songwriter. She was born July 29th, 1969. She has also been in a few movies. One of her most notable roles was in Selena, the story about the Latina singer who was killed.  Prior to that role, she was a FlyGirl starting in 1991. Her parents didn’t think it was a good career for their young girl to be involved in. by 1999 though she was the first Latino female artist worth more than $1 million! In 2001 she had a top film – The Wedding Planner – and a top album the same week.

Her live concerts are well known for the elaborate dance moves and the costume changes. There is no denying that Lopez has a great body, and she is very confident when it comes to showing off her curves. She has her own clothing line and fragrances with a sound mind for business. Even if you aren’t a fan of the music, everywhere you go there is something from her for sale online or within various retailers.

By 2010, many believed that Lopez had accomplished all that she would be able to in the music industry. So they were shocked when she came out with a new album and a top selling tour. She also become a judge on American Idol. She has an eye for talent but the business sense she has when talking to the contestants also gained her a great deal of respect from the audience of the show that didn’t know her music.

Today, she is worth close to $250 million. A great deal of the money she earns goes to various charities. Growing up in a small apartment until her family could afford a home; she donates funds for housing and for programs for children so they can take acting or dancing lessons. She donated the $6 million she got for the photos of her newborns to charities to help buy vehicles for families that work but needed better transportation.

Personal relationships have always been a bit difficult for Jennifer Lopez it seems. It doesn’t help that they are often in the spotlight either. She was only married for less than a year to her first spouse, Ojani Noa. Her long term relationship with Chris Combs was very rocky. She was dating Ben Affleck when she was still married to second husband, Chris Judd. Her third husband was Marc Anthony and the couple have twins together. She is currently dating Casper Smart, one of her backup dancers.