Matthew David McConaughey was born November 4th, 1969. He is a famous actor with many movies to his credit. Some of them have been huge hits and others major flops. However, he is always willing to take on something new. His versatility is something that has earned him respect in his career.

He has a very distinct voice, and that is part of his attraction as an actor. His first paid acting role was for a beer commercial. Dazed and Confused was his first movie role. He lived in Australia after he completed high school for a brief period of time. Then he attended the University of Texas at Austin where he earned his degree in film.

Leonardo DiCaprio is well known for his role in the Titanic. However, McConaughey was their first choice. He turned down the role though due to other films that had captured his interest. He also turned down a role in The Jackal in 1997. He was a top contender for Speed 2 but decided the role wasn’t a good fit for him.

He was named Sexiest Man Alive in 2005 by People Magazine. He has also made it known that he doesn’t wear either deodorant or cologne. He is au natural! After Hurricane Katrina, he auctioned his 1971 Stingray Corvette. The funds raised where donated to help victims through Oprah’s Angel Network.

Two of his best friends are Lance Armstrong and Jake Gyllenhaal. He is afraid of going through tunnels. He also isn’t a fan of revolving doors or elevators. He will find other access points when available to use. In 2006, he was inducted into the Texas Hall of Fame.

The movie Magic Mike about male strippers was one that got terrific reviews from fans, especially women. He was praised for his body in that movie as well as his acting abilities. In Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey lost a tremendous amount of weight. The movie is about an HIV man that finds ways to get medications to other patients who otherwise couldn’t afford them.
McConaughey was romantically involved with Penelope Cruz from 2003 until 2005. He is married to Camilia Alves and the couple have a son. He enjoys playing golf when  he has free time. He is also a big football fan, with his favorite team being the Washington Redskins. He owns a ranch in West Texas that consists of 1,600 acres.